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## Supercharge TileDB Engine with MinIO
By @minio [ 7 Min read ]
MinIO makes a  powerful primary TileDB backend because both are built for performance and scale. Read More.

Serverless Software Development: Everything You Need to Know

By @goqrvey [ 8 Min read ]
What is Serverless Software Development, its benefits, different types of services available, how to build Serverless applications, and some best practices. Read More.

Optimizing Ride-Hailing with Machine Learning: A Product Manager’s Journey

By @maxs [ 6 Min read ]
Discover how a seasoned Product Manager navigated the complexities of the global taxi industry, optimizing reliability and profitability with Machine Learning.. Read More.

How to Build an Integration-As-A-Product – PM Approach

By @maxs [ 10 Min read ]
Integrate the market via API – based on real Strategy Read More.

How To Build Onboarding For Digital Products

By @malkovko [ 5 Min read ]
Get a deep understanding of the problem a product solves for its customers. Identify high-retention features and communicate them through onboarding. Read More.

Why Product-Marketers Ignore the Goldmine of B2B Segments: Lessons From the Taxi Industry

By @maxs [ 10 Min read ]
Learn about strategies for penetrating the B2B segment starting from the B2C. Tips, lessons, features and more! Read More.

5 Tech Companies That Work Differently

By @malkovko [ 9 Min read ]
Basecamp, Linear, Wise, Buffer, and Ghost prioritize sustainable growth and a healthy working environment over short-term return. Read More.

Revolutionizing Digital Advertising: Inside Everyworld’s Game-Changing Model

By @ishanpandey [ 3 Min read ]
Explore how Everyworld merges blockchain and gaming to transform digital advertising. Discover its innovative approach and benefits for users and advertisers. Read More.

Nvidia Throws Gamers Under the Bus

By @sheharyarkhan [ 6 Min read ]
If you ever needed proof that Nvidia is no longer the company you think it is, look no further than the company’s most recent GPU Technology Conference. Read More.

Hungry GPUs Need Fast Object Storage

By @minio [ 6 Min read ]
MinIO is capable of the performance needed to feed your hungry GPUs; a recent benchmark achieved 325 GiB/s on GETs and 165 GiB/s on PUTs. Read More.

Scalable and Secure Data-Driven Application With Multi-Tenant Databases and Embedded Analytics

By @goqrvey [ 6 Min read ]
Multi-tenant databases and embedded analytics intersect to securely scale applications and provide real-time analytics. Read More.

Unveiling the Anchors: How Your Brain Makes Sense of the World (And Gets It Wrong)

By @scottdclary [ 6 Min read ]
Understanding Anchoring isn’t just about dodging sneaky sales tactics; it’s about understanding how our brains construct reality from imperfect information. Read More.

How to Test Multiple Variations of Generative AI Prompts

By @raymondcamden [ 13 Min read ]
One thing that I thought would help me personally would be to have a tool to quickly compare and contrast different prompts. Let me share what I’ve built. Read More.

C#: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques – A Beginner-Friendly CheatSheet

By @ssukhpinder [ 16 Min read ]
The comprehensive C# Cheat Sheet is designed to aid developers in mastering key syntax and concepts related to C# programming. Read More.

Unlocking 2024/25: The Ultimate Guide to Top RWA Crypto Projects

By @mickeymaler [ 10 Min read ]
Explore top RWA projects for 2024/25: insights on partnerships, emerging potentials, and a deep dive into the leading contenders based on my analysis. Read More.

How to Unlock All the MC’s Theurgy Super Moves in Persona 3 Reload

By @joseh [ 3 Min read ]
Read how to unlock the 6 extra Theurgy Special Moves in Persona 3 Reload including the 2 most powerful ones Scarlet Havoc and Armageddon. Read More.

Inside the Affiliate Marketing Product Boom: A Founder’s Perspective on Market Trends

By @antonmuravyev [ 4 Min read ]
The affiliate marketing industry is experiencing robust growth with 9,600 global services and companies related to affiliate marketing in 2023 Read More.

This Quest 3 Battery Strap by Kiwi Design Embarrasses Meta’s Stock Strap

By @limarc [ 6 Min read ]
The stock strap that comes with the Quest 3 is a complete joke. Hopefully, KIWI designs is the answer to the problem Meta has created Read More.

Option2Trade (O2T): The Hidden Gem Forecasting 1000x Growth

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
Option2Trade (O2T) is emerging as a secret cryptocurrency gem with the potential to disrupt the market and offer unparalleled returns Read More.

Crypto Market Update: Why is Crypto Suddenly Making Us Feel Like Irrational Geniuses?

By @aprilexsedlex [ 3 Min read ]
The total market cap is sitting pretty at a cool $2.66 trillion, and Bitcoin is the king of the castle again at 51.56%. Read More.
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