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## Dencun Upgrade: Ethereum’s Leap into the Future of L2 Scalability is Here
By @kolyasapphire [ 4 Min read ]
The next Ethereum upgrade, Dencun, is scheduled to activate on March 13. It will introduce off-chain data blobs, massively decreasing gas costs on Ethereum L2s. Read More.

Effective Workarounds for SQL-Style Joins in Elasticsearch

By @rocksetcloud [ 8 Min read ]
In this blog, we explore how nested objects and parent-child relationships enable SQL-like join operations in Elasticsearch. Read More.

How to Unleash Insights for Everyone: Multi-Tenant Architecture for Embedded Analytics

By @goqrvey [ 6 Min read ]
Multi-tenant architecture (MTA) is a software architecture in which a single instance of an application serves multiple customers, known as tenants. Read More.

How much was each Bitcoin worth in USD following each halving event since its creation?

By @linh [ 5 Min read ]
Every 210,000 blocks added, the supply of bitcoin gets slashed in half, and so does the reward for mining. Read More.

Cardano (ADA) Investors Stack Their Crypto Wallets With 1000x Token Option2Trade (O2T)

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
Option2Trade (O2T) is a platform that promises not just to redefine trading within the crypto space but also to offer unprecedented growth potential. Read More.

Gender Bias in Tech: 73% of Women Report Experiencing Discrimination

By @aprilmiller [ 4 Min read ]
In reality, 73% of women in tech have experienced gender discrimination recently. It seems the tech sector isn’t willing to abandon its biases yet. Read More.

You’re Top Writer Potential But… Did You Make it to the Top 10? 🤔

By @editingprotocol [ 3 Min read ]
HackerNoon editors are back with another edition focusing on keywords, the secret sauce for distribution. Learn how to expand your story’s reach here. Read More.

Identity in the Digital Era: Balancing Security, Privacy, and Authenticity

By @shad0wpuppet [ 8 Min read ]
Augmented & Verified Digital Identities: Digital Fingerprints, Tech Stack, and Tech Details. Verifiable Individuals, Security, Privacy, Anonymity, Verification. Read More.

An Interview With Arthur Gusev and Vladimir Pletyukhin: How to Pitch Complex Tech Ideas Simply

By @vvmrk [ 5 Min read ]
I spoke with Arthur Gusev and Vladimir Pletyukhin, co-founders of Launch Deck, mentors at Founder Institute, and venture scouts for Flashpoint VC. Read More.

JavaScript Objects: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques

By @smakss [ 17 Min read ]
Dive into JavaScript objects: from basics to advanced techniques, learn creation, manipulation, inheritance, and utility functions for mastery. Read More.

100 Days of AI, Day 14: The Five Generative AI Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

By @sindamnataraj [ 4 Min read ]
There is a lot happening in generative AI space, so much so, that Nvidia the arms dealer of generative AI has surpassed Amazon’s market valuation. Read More.

How to Use Ollama: Hands-On With Local LLMs and Building a Chatbot

By @arjunrao1987 [ 7 Min read ]
In the space of local LLMs, I first ran into LMStudio. While the app itself is easy to use, I liked the simplicity and maneuverability that Ollama provides. Read More.

Crypto Investors Sacking BlockDAG As Presale Crosses $3.5M Mark Amid Flare And AVAX Price

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
Learn how crypto investors are rapidly sacking BlockDAG Presale as Flare and AValanche (AVAX) price moves.
Read More.

Top Analyst Predicts Licensed A.I Exchange Token Will Eclipse Solana and Cardano

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
A top analyst has predicted that the licensed A.I exchange token, Option2Trade (O2T), is on track to eclipse giants such as Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA). Read More.

The Revolutionary Potential of 1-Bit Language Models (LLMs)

By @thebojda [ 4 Min read ]
The Revolutionary Potential of 1-Bit Language Models Read More.

Solana (SOL) Investors Flock To New Cryptocurrency Challenging Bonk’s (BONK) Recent Price Surge

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
Shiba Budz (BUDZ) is positioned to rival Bonk’s performance, offering an alternative investment that is equally, if not more, promising. Read More.

AIMarkdown Script: A Scripting Language to Unlock ChatGPT’s Potential

By @robmccormack [ 4 Min read ]
AIMarkdown Script is a versatile language for scripting dynamic interactions with conversational AI platforms like ChatGPT. Read More.

Crypto Bull Run 2024: BlockDAG Presale Bags $3.8M Amid Cardano Price Correction and Polkadot Surge

By @btcwire [ 3 Min read ]
Witness the expanding surge of BlockDAG presale amid Cardano (ADA) price shifts, and Polkadot’s 12% jump.
Read More.

An Easy Way to Develop Your Own Apple Metal Plugin and Integrate It Into DaVinci Resolve

By @denissvinarchuk [ 13 Min read ]
The Easy way to Develop Your Own Apple Metal Plugin and Integrate It into Davinci Resolve Read More.

Data Science: The Cental Limit Theorem Explained

By @hemal [ 10 Min read ]
This sampling distribution (more or less) follows a normal distribution! This is the Central Limit theorem. A normal distribution has a number of properties Read More.
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