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## A Letter to Everyone in the ZKFair Community
By @lumoz [ 5 Min read ]
Explore ZKFair’s impressive 48-day journey, milestones, and strategic roadmap for 2024. Read More.

Apple Customers Return Vision Pro By The Droves

By @allan-grain [ 2 Min read ]
While Apple Vision Pro has hit a few snags, there are ways the company can improve this phenomenal product. Read More.

Investigating Internet Freedom & Digital Democracy with Nicole Scott and Simon Morgan

By @slogging [ 32 Min read ]
This Slogging thread by Mónica Freitas, Nicole Scott (Nicole Scott), John T., Valentine Enedah, David Smooke, Asher Umerie, Adrian Morales, Simon Morgan, Sidra and Jose Hernandez occurred in slogging’s official #amas channel, and has been edited for readability. Read More.

Take Your Writing to The HackerNoon App

By @product [ 2 Min read ]
Writing has just been made possible on the HackerNoon Mobile App! Read on to find out how and don’t forget to update your app! Read More.

You Should Publish Your Next.js App to GitHub Pages

By @msokola [ 7 Min read ]
Did you know that FAANG companies use GitHub Pages publish websites of their Open Source Software? You can also publish your Next.js app to Github Pages. Read More.

How to Use Generative AI as Your Content Assistant

By @raymondcamden [ 9 Min read ]
This post explores how Generative AI can be used to enhance image filenames, making them more descriptive, accurate, and consistent. Read More.

Roku on the Rocks: Has the US Streaming Giant Entered ‘Overbought’ Territory?

By @dmytrospilka [ 4 Min read ]
Roku has been one of the most impressive stocks of 2023, but has it finally become too bloated for its own good on Wall Street? Read More.

Cybersecurity Tips: Vulnerability Scanners Essentials

By @shad0wpuppet [ 6 Min read ]
Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scanners Essentials, OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite, Nessus, Sn1per, Metasploit, SQLMap. Read More.

A Step-By-Step Guide For Implementing OKRs In Your Scaling Startup

By @vvmrk [ 6 Min read ]
An OKR has two parts: the objective, your goal, and the key results, what success looks like. Read More.

Shadow AI: Reshaping the Future, But at What Cost?

By @viceasytiger [ 7 Min read ]
Exploring Shadow AI’s impact on business: risks, strategies, and the quest for a secure, innovative future. How will companies navigate this new frontier? Read More.

Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Wants To Give Humans Super Powers

By @thesociable [ 5 Min read ]
First came brain implants for disabilities, next comes brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to read & write memories and thoughts: perspective Read More.

The Noonification: Nintendo Breaks Its Silence On Palworld (2/18/2024)

By @noonification [ 2 Min read ]
2/18/2024: Top 5 stories on the HackerNoon homepage! Read More.

Generative AI: 5 Use Cases for Forward-Thinking Businesses

By @igorpaniuk [ 4 Min read ]
Unlock the potential of Generative AI (GenAI) with insights into its transformative impact on industries. Read More.

How Close Are We to Widespread Drone Deliveries?

By @zacamos [ 6 Min read ]
Drone delivery could revolutionize the future of logistics — but can companies overcome the hurdles? Here’s how close we are to making drone delivery a reality. Read More.

How to Stop Analysis Paralysis and Make More Confident Decisions

By @vinitabansal [ 9 Min read ]
Call it fear, perfectionism, laziness or lack of focus, spending all your time analyzing while failing to act leads to analysis paralysis. Read More.

What the Interoperability Trend in Open Table Formats Signify for Enterprise Data Architectures

By @minio [ 6 Min read ]
The confluence of open table formats, the modern data stack, and the cloud operating model signifies a transformative era in data management. Read More.

How to Improve Your Design Skills: 8 UI/UX Dashboard Projects to Inspire You 😍🎨

By @madzadev [ 2 Min read ]
To help developers enhance their skills and spark creativity, I’ve curated some of my favorite CodePen projects for various dashboard UIs. Read More.

Metaphysics and Mathematics: The Intricate Web Connecting the Two

By @damocles [ 17 Min read ]
In this exploration, we will dive into the intricate web connecting Mathematics, Metaphysics, and the computational mindset. Read More.

The Rabbit R1 May Be the Most Over-Hyped Tech Gadget at CES 2024

By @adrien-book [ 5 Min read ]
I can’t decide if the Rabbit R1 is genius or dumb. Read More.

Biden-Harris Administration Takes Bold Steps to Strengthen Cybersecurity of U.S. Ports

By @whitehouse [ 4 Min read ]
Learn about the Executive Order, directives, and proposed rulemaking aimed at safeguarding critical infrastructure against cyber threats. Read More.
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