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## Effective Workarounds for SQL-Style Joins in Elasticsearch
By @rocksetcloud [ 8 Min read ]
In this blog, we explore how nested objects and parent-child relationships enable SQL-like join operations in Elasticsearch. Read More.

Everything You Need to Know to Implement Generative AI for Your Enterprise

By @minio [ 8 Min read ]
The easiest way to conceptualize what is possible with Generative AI is to imagine a customized Large Language Model running inside your firewall. Read More.

Dencun Upgrade: Ethereums Leap into the Future of L2 Scalability is Here

By @kolyasapphire [ 4 Min read ]
The next Ethereum upgrade, Dencun, is scheduled to activate on March 13. It will introduce off-chain data blobs, massively decreasing gas costs on Ethereum L2s. Read More.

Mixing the Cross-Chain magic with Tokenized Real Worlds Assets

By @helloicon [ 4 Min read ]
The future of finance is with tokenized RWAs and cross-chain DeFi; dig into real world assets on Avalanche and ICON. Read More.

Breaking the CPO Bubble: My Strategy for Staying Close to Our Products

By @densmr [ 3 Min read ]
Explore a CPOs journey in Breaking the CPO Bubble, detailing strategies for connecting with products and teams and enhancing customer alignment. Read More.

How to Manage a Product Backlog in a Fast-Growing B2B Startup

By @dashadobrego [ 7 Min read ]
In this article, I’d like to share my tips for working as a product manager in fast-growing startups. I’ll also explain how these tips could be used in B2B prod Read More.

A Machine Learning Text Classification Case Study with a Product-driven Twist

By @bemorelavender [ 17 Min read ]
Text classification case study with a product-driven twist. Were building various models (logreg, RNN, transformers) and compare their quality and performance Read More.

Understanding Embedded Analytics: Definition, Benefits, and Use Cases

By @goqrvey [ 18 Min read ]
Learn about crucial features, requirements, and the decision-making process for selecting the ideal embedded analytics solution for your software. Read More.
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