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## 15 User Onboarding Techniques I Found In Consumer Mobile Apps
By @malkovko [ 5 Min read ]
Communication medium, interface metaphors, social proof, associative coherence, pledge of responsibility, or emotional touch might help onboarding new users. Read More.

100 Days of AI, Day 16: 5 Key Takeaways From NVIDIA’s AI Developer Event

By @sindamnataraj [ 4 Min read ]
Nvidia recently had their semi-annual developer conference GTC (March 18-21). In this post I am going to summarize my take aways from the event. Read More.

Ready to Innovate? Explore Apple Vision Pro Apps for Managers and Analysts

By @nastyakostina [ 7 Min read ]
Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes presentations and mind mapping for product management and system design, yet faces drawbacks, indicating room for improvement. Read More.
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