As I write these very words, I’m wearing my favorite Prana leggings. I’m not the only one on the WIRED Gear team with a favorite (or several) from Columbia Sportswear’s Prana line, and there’s good news! The company is running a sale, so if you’re in the market for fantastic ribbed leggings or a cozy jacket, give these deals a look.

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Prana Deals

Photograph: Prana

Constantly cold? We recommend the half-snap for anyone who is always chilly, but the full-snap jacket is 50 percent off right now and promises to be just as cozy. It has a smooth jersey interior lining like the half-snap, but adds front and back panel detailing to the design along with the full snaps. Like the half-snap, the exterior shell is made of 100 percent recycled polyester.

I’ve always wanted a workout dress. Like WIRED associate reviews editor Adrienne So, I have a short torso—she loves Prana’s Luxara exercise dress for its adjustable straps that fit petite torsos like ours. Only certain colors are on sale. Bonus, it’s made of mostly recycled nylon.

Photograph: Amazon

Those leggings I mentioned? It’s this one. I own three pairs, and the very first pair I bought three or four years ago still holds up and fits like my newer pairs. The ribbed material is both fitted and forgiving, two words I usually wouldn’t pair together. These leggings have seen me through everything from postpartum to rock climbing up a massive indoor wall. There’s a pocket on either side that’s large enough to fit the latest iPhones (though I’ve never stuffed a Max, so your mileage may vary if your phone is extra large).

WIRED commerce director Martin Cizmar recommends the Zion Stretch Pants for the great cut and sturdy yet flexible fabric. They’re made from almost entirely recycled nylon. These pants are designed for the outdoors with roll-up leg snaps and a webbing-adjustable waistband for bouldering, mesh-lined pockets, plus a concealed zipper pocket, and an elastic key loop. It promises UPF 50+ sun protection for your legs too. Martin likes that the cut sits between trendy wide-legged pants and tighter pant styles.

Photograph: REI

While I’m tempted to get a fourth pair of my favorite leggings, what I need is a new chalk bag. I’m back at the rock climbing gym after jumping on a New Year’s sale, and wow, my hands need all the chalk they can get to stay on even a V0. We’ve all got to start (or restart, in my case) somewhere. Prana’s chalk bag and belt combo is one of our recommendations for rock climbing gear if you’re just getting into the sport like I am.

Speaking of climbing gear we love, the Halle pants are made for climbing, hiking, or just about any other outdoor activity you can think of. Adrienne liked the original. Stock is very low and only one color is available right now at this sale price.


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