Pak says the ring will use Samsung’s “leading sensor technology” and long battery life to deliver advanced sleep insights that include heart health monitoring.

One of the core features is the My Vitality Score, which purports to show your mental and physical readiness for the day. It’s based on a clinically validated model from the University of Georgia that initiates a “cognitive load test” to see how ready you are when you wake up for the day—not unlike the Daily Readiness Score on Fitbits and Garmin’s Body Battery. This feature will be making its way to Galaxy Watches, too.

This is paired with Booster Cards, which will offer “scientifically-backed insights” for ring bearers to stay boosted and energized throughout the day, with recommendations for better habits, too. Watchmaker Citizen attempted to introduce a smartwatch last year that had a similar feature, but the device was pulled from shelves as it had numerous bugs and issues.

The Galaxy Ring is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable, but no word yet on battery life.

Photograph: Samsung

I got a chance to touch and hold the Galaxy Ring, and it’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. There are several sizes from which to choose, and there will be a fitting process to dial down the ring option for your fingers. Samples on show were available in gold, silver, and dark gray, but Samsung reiterated that things were subject to change. Pak was also coy about sharing what materials the ring is made from, but says Samsung has durability in mind.

The Galaxy Ring will have 24/7 health tracking, but Pak couldn’t share exact battery life estimations. He says there’s a certain expectation of “more than a couple of days” when it comes to smart rings, but Samsung is working right now to extend the battery life as much as possible. The Oura Ring, for context, can get anywhere between three to five days in our testing; the Ultrahuman Ring Air lasts roughly four days.

The Galaxy Ring works with only Android phones (sorry iPhone owners), and while it currently has a complementary relationship with the smartphone and the Galaxy Watch, Pak repeatedly mentioned that Samsung is exploring how the Ring can be incorporated with other Samsung hardware and appliances. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.


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