I have big plans this weekend: watching the entirety of the new Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series on Netflix. Maybe you’ve got the same thing on your watchlist, or maybe you’re just looking to upgrade your TV and streaming setup. Either way, we’ve rounded up some great deals on streaming devices, soundbars, a smart TV, and projectors to watch anything you like easier and better than ever.

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Soundbar and Streaming Device Deals

Roku Streambar

Photograph: Roku

Need better sound for your TV but short on space? The Roku Streambar is adorably petite but still has true stereo sound. It also has a Roku streaming player built in, so you can just get one device to have both better sound and better control over your streaming. You’re welcome. Read our Best Soundbars guide for more recommendations.

We’re big fans of Roku’s streaming interface here at WIRED, and any of Roku’s streaming sticks will allow you to add it to your existing TV. This is the slightly cheaper version of our favorite model (the Stick+) and it’s on sale right now. We do see this price often, but it’s still a good price to get a 4K Roku stick. Check out our Best Roku Devices guide for other options.

Samsung HW-Q990B Soundbar

Photograph: Samsung

The Samsung HW-Q990B (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the best soundbar we’ve found to emulate the classic home theater sound. It has a whopping 15 drivers, excellent audio processing, and the ability to bounce tones around your room. It’s also got wireless Dolby Atmos, which means you don’t need to connect the surround speakers and subwoofer to anything other than an outlet. It’s a pricey system, but a little easier on the wallet right now.

This system comes with five small speakers and a compact under-couch subwoofer but is still super easy to use. The Platin Audio 5.1 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) uses WiSA technology to stream and sync audio from a puck you connect to your TV screen or projector of choice. You will need a power source for each of the speakers, but they don’t need to connect to each other. It’s wildly simple and well-priced, even before this weekend’s sale.

TV and Projector Deals

Roku Plus Series 55-Inch Smart TV

Photograph: Roku

Roku’s Plus Series not only has a great picture and excellent color thanks to the QLED panel but also has Roku’s smart TV interface built right in, which we’re big fans of. It’s a great cheap TV with full array local dimming, but a lower refresh rate so you won’t want it for gaming. Still, it’s excellent as an easy movie night upgrade without requiring an additional streaming stick.

Vizio’s TVs are great, and we like that the M-Series Quantum X (8/10, WIRED Recommends) has a better arrangement of legs than other similarly priced TVs. It’s worth noting that this past week, Walmart announced that it is acquiring Vizio, so there could be some changes coming to the Vizio lineup soon.

Optoma UHD55 4K Ultra Projector

Photograph: Optoma 

This is our favorite projector. It’s bright enough for rooms that get a lot of light, the image quality is great, and the setup is easy. It can even handle gaming at a 240-Hz refresh rate if you plug in a gaming computer, and that same refresh rate makes it great for streaming sports. It also works with Alexa, which is handy. This projector is often on sale for this price but rarely drops lower.

This projector is great for both indoor and outdoor movie nights since it’s fully portable–you’ll just need to make sure the Wi-Fi is available in your backyard. It has a built-in speaker, a smart TV interface, and a cute little remote. It’s easy to set up and focus, thanks to the slider on the top of the projector, plus it can project a 120-inch screen at 450 lumens (so nighttime watching only). It’s not the first time we’ve since this sale price, but it’s still a solid deal.


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